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The Dry Creek Ranch


Order Beef Online

Are you looking for succulent sirloin or mouthwatering filet? Look no further than our variety of Texas-raised beef and steak cuts. When you buy beef online from Dry Creek Ranch, you know you’re getting a high-quality cut of beef delivered straight to your door. All of our steaks are USDA Prime and USDA Choice cuts of beef. In addition to our steak cuts, we also offer ready-to-eat options you can choose when you order beef online, such as beef brisket. 

When you buy beef online and plan out your next steak dinner, consider the different cuts and thicknesses available. Each beef cut has a different texture and thickness that affects preparation time, taste, and more. Got questions about what type of cut to select when you order beef online? You can get answers straight from the source by calling our product specialists at 877-527-0444 or emailing

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