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How to Cook a Good Steak

What use is a good steak if you don’t know the best way to prepare it? The Dry Creek Ranch’s steak cooking guide highlights several important things you should keep in mind when preparing your next steak meal.

1. Consider the cut  


One of the most important tips for cooking steak is to consider the cut of steak you are working with before cooking. The type of cut determines the texture and thickness of the steak, which may impact how you prepare it. For example, many U.S. households grill a steak, while some people like to fry their steak in a pan or cook it in the oven. 

2. Consider the cooking time 


If you Google, “how to cook steak,” chances are you’ll see a variety of different cooking times on all the steak cooking guides available. How raw/rare your steak depends on the steak's thickness, which determines the cooking time. You also must think about how you’re going to cook the steak: Are you using a grill or an oven? A standard tip for cooking a steak is that noting the cut of steak, it's thickness, and how well-done you want the steak will determine the cooking time. Usually, thicker steaks are best served grilled, while more tender steaks are best oven-prepared. 

3. Don’t forget to season! 

Nobody likes flavorless food. When people think about tips for cooking steak, they often think about de-thawing and heating up the steak, rather than the preparation process. Steak seasonings can be as simple as salt, pepper, and olive oil, or as robust as one of our signature meat rubs. 

At the Dry Creek Ranch, we want our customers to enjoy every part of the process, from buying a quality steak online to savoring your first bite. Have questions about any of our tips for cooking steak or future ideas for our steak cooking guides? We’d love to hear from you! Please contact us with any comments or questions at 877-527-0444 or

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