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The Dry Creek Ranch

Offering specialty steaks since 2004

-   ABOUT US  -

Todd Yauck grew up in the family cattle ranching business in Darrouzett Texas, which is a small town in the Texas Panhandle.
In his early years, Todd learned the value of cattle production and taking care of the land for the next years crop. In 1993, Todd added his first retail outlet, providing the finest quality beef steaks and burgers at a fair price.
In 2004, Todd developed a second retail outlet and introduced The Dry Creek Ranch brand which represents the finest beef products available at a fair price for the consumer.
The Dry Creek Ranch meat products are all USDA inspected.
All of our steaks are USDA PRIME or CHOICE for a tender, juicy satisfying taste. All products are vacuum sealed and shipped in a TemperPack, which not only seals in the flavor, but is an environmentally friendly container.
We offer READY TO EAT options such as brisket, beef tenderloin, baby back ribs, smoked pork butt, and smoked pork loin. All of our cuts of meat are crowd pleasing favorites that will you give a taste of our unique, satisfying flavor.  Simply put, you can’t buy better meat at a better price.
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