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The Dry Creek Ranch

Offering specialty steaks since 2004

Raising Cattle for Beef Production

At the Dry Creek Ranch, we know that there’s a connection between the quality of cuts of beef and the way that the cattle that produce that beef are raised. When looking at the cattle handling process, you must start at the source: the cows. At the Dry Creek Ranch, we lay the foundations for raising cattle for beef production by sourcing healthy calves and raising them on a widespread, lush pasture. The calves we source are handled and transported in a gentle, quiet manner. Once they are brought to ranching facilities, they are kept separate from the rest of the herd until the rancher can ensure that all new cattle are healthy, so as not to endanger the existing herd. Afterwards, the cattle handling process for any type of beef we source includes providing a quality feed diet supplemented with plenty of nutrients. We believe that healthy, well-raised calves become healthy Texas cattle and produce quality, USDA-Prime and USDA-Choice cuts of beef. 

 Whether you order a sirloin or filet, we know that our ranchers are raising cattle for beef production designed to please our customers’ palettes. We offer ready-to-eat options such as brisket, beef tenderloin, and strip steaks that you can pair with our custom seasonings. Want quality cuts of beef delivered to your door? Shop our selection of steaks here! 

About the Dry Creek Ranch 


At Dry Creek Ranch, we are an online beef supplier with traditional Texas roots. Dry Creek Ranch owner Todd Yauck has first-hand experience handling cattle. He grew up helping with his family’s cattle ranching business in Darrouzett, Texas, right along the Texas Panhandle. As a business, we have more than a decade of experience partnering with knowledgeable ranchers throughout the U.S. If you’ve got any questions, our sales specialists are available help explain how our beef sources produce such high-quality beef. Feel free to call us at 877-527-0444 or email us at

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